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Wet logic

December 11, 2003

As a resident, teenager and lifeguard of Eudora, I believe that a new city pool is greatly in need. The pool provides fun and entertainment for children and a job for many.
On the other hand, I understand the many reasons why Eudora citizens oppose getting a new community pool. For instance, Eudorans don't believe that we need a multi-million dollar pool. This is understandable because Eudora is still a town, not a city, and the citizens of Eudora don't need a pool that is bigger than their high school; they just need an adequately sized pool for the population.
Secondly, Eudorans don't want another tax increase. They just received one for the school, but now they may have to pay more in taxes for a new pool. I can understand why people don't support building a new pool for financial concerns. Finally, another argument that has been brought up in past discussions of building a new pool is that the pool that we already have is not well maintained. The citizens of Eudora believe that kids should not run the pool. They'd rather it be run by adults. Adults say that kids don't take care of what they have, so why would they take care of something just because it's new?
I know that some of these arguments about not building a new pool for Eudorans are adequate, but I also believe there are many reasons to build a new pool. First off, the old the size-to-population ratio is no longer to code, the health and safety issues don't meet code, and it is rapidly decaying and falling apart.
For instance, the pool is painted at the beginning of every summer, but by the end of the summer, about 75 percent of the pool's paint has chipped and peeled. This causes other problems such as clogging the pump, clogging the vacuum, and it can even injure children.
I don't know how many times the pool closed this past summer just because the pump broke because of its age. If you saw the mechanical room, then you would agree that there needs to be improvements made very soon.
Additionally, the community pool is a place for kids to hang out and enjoy their three short months of summer in the sun. This is a great place for kids to go because they are being supervised, they can be as loud as they want, and they can eat, swim or just talk with friends. Without a pool, I don't know what all of Eudora's kids would do in the summer months.
Many of the kids who go to the pool are kids whose parents are at work during the day, so they just walk or ride their bikes up to the pool. If there is some reason that the pool bond isn't passed and something does go wrong with the pool, can someone please tell me what the kids of Eudora are going to do?
Likewise, not only is the pool entertainment for kids, but it's a job for many of Eudora's teenagers also. The argument that the teen-agers don't take care of the pool is very unresearched. Yes, the pool isn't in the best shape, but those teenagers wake up at 6 a.m. just to go clean the pool for two to three hours. Then they go home, eat some lunch and come back and work for seven to nine more hours.
In conclusion, I don't think we need a multi-million dollar pool with fancy slides and high tech water toys, but I believe Eudora needs a new pool to replace the old one and to meet the population growth. If later on they want to add slides or a beach or anything or else, that can be argued then.
I think the town should do what needs to be done to get a new pool built before Eudora's community is without a pool.
Nichole Ellison

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