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February 20, 2003

Not Lawrence
Is this Eudora or Lawrence?
Voters of Eudora, are we going to become another Lawrence and try to keep up with them, or stay the tight-knit, responsible, money-smart, small town we all like?
I ask, why did you move to Eudora? So you could have your taxes grow from $300 in 1993 to over $1,270 in 2002? When does it stop?
I think with the money problems in all the small towns, a pool is not something anyone needs at this time. Repairing our present pool is more feasible and would serve Eudora fine for years to come and for a lot less money. Oceans of Fun is only a 30-minute drive from here, if the need to ride a water slide is so strong.
I urge everyone to move toward repairing our old pool, and vote "no" for a new pool.
This is not Lawrence, nor do we want to become another Lawrence. It's bad enough we have multiple school bonds at once we are trying to pay off. All we need is another bond to pay off.
Enough is enough for now. Say "no" to more taxes.
Matt Montgomery

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