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Residents should get involved in pool decisions

January 1, 2003

Attendance at the Dec.18 public comment hearing for a new city pool was disappointing. Only a handful of people showed up for the meeting conducted to give City Council members an idea of the features the community wanted in the new facility. Unfortunately, nearly all those who did attend were from the park commission, city or those otherwise involved in the current pool's operation.

One citizen who spoke up at the meeting warned the Council a strong faction of the community was against voting for a bond issue to finance a new pool. As well-informed as the citizen's comments may have been, they would have had greater credibility if delivered by the citizens who share that position and were more specific in their criticisms. The point of the meeting was to provide residents a chance to help the Council and designers create a pool scheme that appealed to the interests of the whole community.

The turnout was especially disappointing coming as it did less than two months after the deluge of public comment that followed the City Council's request that residents delay the celebration of Halloween. As we said at that time, the City Council needed similar feedback on a host of issues much more vital to the city's future. How the city should spend $2.3 million on a pool is one of those.

The Council is going about the pool decision-making process the right way. It is up to the public to do its part. We hope the next meeting, tentatively planned for sometime in the next few weeks, is better attended.

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