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Admirable water discussions should be expanded

January 16, 2003

The city of Eudora managed a dry summer and the current extended drought with no water shortage. In our mind, that makes the City Council's extended discussion in December of future water needs and the means to meet them even more laudable.

Forward thinking on such a vital utility is vital for a community experiencing Eudora's growth. An adequate supply can be critical not only for continued residential growth but can often be the make-or-break issue in commercial and industrial recruitment. Complicating planning for future water needs is the fact that water is a finite resource. In recognition of this, various state agencies control water supply through water rights and agreements, limiting the actions of municipalities and other water suppliers.

Given the speed with which bureaucracies move the quicker the city can make application for any rights or permits the better.

We suggest the Council expand on its admirable consideration of future water needs. The city is fast approaching the size that the Council should consider a comprehensive plan that pulls together all of Eudora's needs for the next five to 10 years in one capital improvement plan. Such plans, common to cities only slightly larger than Eudora, identify what facilities and public works the community needs during that time period, sets priorities and time schedules, and identifies the revenue streams that would help pay for them. Community discussion can help in identifying needs and priorities and, perhaps more important, the funding means to realize them.

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