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January 16, 2003

Parks, please

As a student attending Eudora High School, I have witnessed some of Eudora's recent rapid growth. There are a lot of families moving into our town, probably because it is more affordable than Lawrence or Kansas City where those families may be working. I think they are also attracted to Eudora because it is a clean small town and a great place to raise kids. The town is also expanding to include a large high school. We have some amenities, but we could have more, especially if we want Eudora to continue to be a great place for families and a growing community. A growing community means more businesses and more jobs, as well.

With the idea of making Eudora an even better place to live, I think what the town could use is a new park and public swimming pool. Everyone knows that parks are great places to relax and spend time outdoors with family and friends. You can get together at the park and enjoy outdoor activities such as walking, barbecuing, volleyball, fishing and lots of other fun things to do. Not only are parks great places to spend your leisure time, but they also help to enhance the value of the community as a whole. A new public swimming pool would be great in the summertime as a place for everyone to enjoy themselves when the weather gets hotter. The park and the public swimming pool together should make Eudora an even more attractive place to live.

We should continue to encourage more families, businesses and jobs to come to Eudora. We will all be better off if we do. With a new park and a public swimming pool we can make Eudora a great place for residents and visitors to spend hard-earned money and leisure time.

Dustin R. Miller

Eudora High School senior

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