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July 3, 2003

Pool money down the drain
We have lived in Eudora for 20 plus years. Every summer we make use of the public pool. We usually buy a family pool pass, so I feel like a Eudora pool expert, of sorts, as I begin this letter.
Is the pool a mess? Yes, it is. But it has been for several years now. Maybe since the city had Joe Hanna running the pool. He did a super job -- the place was clean and well supervised. Now it is run by kids and has been (a mess) for years, as far as we can see.
We agree the pool is outdated and needs replaced, but has anyone considered that now is a bad time for another hit on the taxpayer's pocket? We have a lot on our plates right now. Is anyone paying attention to those of us who have lived here most of our lives, unlike the new yuppies that have sprung into our beautiful town with all their big bucks, that can afford the new $100,000 to $500,000 homes that are jetting up all over our outskirts? Hello!
Here we are with our modest incomes that barely change from year to year, struggling to pay our more important goals like two new schools. Yes, our kids are important, and they need safe summer activities. But taxpayers need to know that the money they are sometimes struggling to provide is not wasted on a multi-million dollar pool that a bunch of well-meaning but unqualified teenagers run into the ground again. Yes, the kids need summer jobs, but also supervision that is qualified to run a business.
Look, if the city wants our family and others like us to vote "yes" on the issue, then we need to know this pool will be better managed by a professional and taken care of rather than run into the ground by kids. Not that it is the kids' fault either, we may add.
And why can't this wait? What is the rush? And further more, answer some real questions for us.
Explain why the pool just didn't open on time? Why were the workers not out there working until the last minute this year? Was the city so sure of a passing vote that they were just stalling? Then where would we be taking our kids to swim over this summer while they rebuilt? Lawrence or Baldwin? No thanks. Seems a little wrong-minded to us.
And why didn't a power washer and a couple of gallons of paint find their way into the bathrooms? Have you been in there? If the city cannot commit to some simple maintenance on a simple but older pool system during the off season every year, what makes them think we are going to shell out $2-plus million to be thrown down the drain, if you will, in another year or so?
And why can't the pool staff seem to find a net to clean out the baby pool of the tons of bugs that get washed into it every time it rains, before opening time at 1 p.m.? Or keep the trash picked up?
These may seem simple, yet they are still not done. If some initiative and a little common sense about building maintenance and upkeep were used all along maybe out pool wouldn't be in the shape it is in. Yes, it would still be outdated, but in how bad of shape?
We are all for progress, but at what cost? All of our taxes just went up in an economic slump. The elderly and the retired are on fixed incomes. How can they afford another tax? Some of them have lived here much longer than we have.
Are we just going to tax Eudorans right and left, month after month, every time someone comes up with a new pet project, until the only ones that can afford to live in Eudora are the wealthy yuppies that have decided that Eudora looks like an attractive place to make their new suburbia of Kansas City?
What about the core people of Eudora who have made this town their lives? We are not against the wealthy. We know that we need their money, too, to make Eudora a better place to live. However, those of us that lead a simple life and have been the backbone of Eudora for many years deserve a break.
Let's slow down a little bit. Rome wasn't built in one day, and we have more than enough time to build Eudora into the new suburbia, no matter what anyone on the city's payroll thinks or says.
How about we pay off a year or two of our recently-acquired tax debts first and then see where the economy stands?
And in the mean time, stop trying to convince us that the pool is on the verge of eminent destruction and put some people out there who have some professional skills in management and maintenance, and act like we really care about the pool that we already own.
In the end, that is what we will end up doing anyway, because just like us, there are others out there who are going to the booth on Aug. 26 to vote "no," too. Sorry folks, but we were not all confused by the last ballot at all. We just flat out rejected it. Call it bad timing.
Shannon Cook,

Big bang safety
With the Fourth of July holiday among us, the members of the Eudora Fire Department, in cooperation with the Eudora Police Department, wish to take this opportunity to remind our community members of the ordinances and regulations for using fireworks, as well as to provide our community with some helpful tips so we may all enjoy a safe and fun holiday.
First, be respectful to your neighbors and only shoot off your fireworks during the hours of 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. July 2 and 3, and from 7 a.m. to midnight July 4. Otherwise, you may run the risk of violating the noise ordinance, which could also result in the confiscation of fireworks. Please also remember that any fireworks product that is mounted on a stick or wire is illegal, under K.S.A. 31-155. Anyone caught with such a product risks a fine up to $100.
All legal fireworks for the general public to discharge should be labeled "Class C Common." Any other products not identified as this classification require special permits to discharge. Public demonstrations using fireworks other than "Class C Common" also require a special permit, all of which are available through the Eudora Fire Department.
The discharge of fireworks in the streets can cause potential traffic hazards, as well as damage to property when driving by. Do not shoot off fireworks from the street; keep them confined to the yard, if possible.
We would also like to remind the members of our community to please pick up any litter, especially if it results from the use of fireworks.
If you have any questions regarding the type of firework product you possess and are concerned about it being legal, please contact the Eudora Fire Department (542-3653), or the Eudora Police Department (542-3121), between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.
Thank you for observing these tips, and we hope that you have a very safe holiday.
Fire Chief Spencer S. McCabe,
City of Eudora Fire Department

Police Chief Greg Dahlem
City of Eudora Police Department

Big thanks
The Eudora Township Fire Department would like to thank the following groups for their participation in Saturday's safety fair: Fire Chief Spencer McCabe and Eudora fire personnel; Eudora Medical Service; Lawrence Fire and Medical-Medic No. 2; Lawrence Lions Club; and dispatchers from the Emergency Call Center in Lawrence.
Sue Coleman
Eudora Township firefighter

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