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Schools, not pools

July 24, 2003

I would like to ask the Eudora citizens to consider very carefully what they are doing to themselves by voting "yes" for the pool.
Voting for the pool will raise the mill levy, and that means higher taxes on our property for years.
My daughter and granddaughter went to the pool a couple of weeks ago. My daughter later told me the bathrooms were disgusting, filthy and smelled foul. A very young boy, appearing to be around 11 years old, was collecting the admission fees. My granddaughter told me of toilet paper or possible paper towels that were clinging to her ankle and feet when she moved in the water.
If we can't take care of the pool we have, can we justify spending millions of dollars for a new pool -- a pool that will only be used four to five months out of the year? I wonder why the problems of the pool haven't been addressed before now. If the city didn't care for the first pool, why will they for another one? It will look like this one in a few years. Prove that an investment of that much money into a pool is necessary or beneficial to more than a handful. Schools, not pools, entice new residents for Eudora.
How many people that live in Eudora will benefit from it? Really only a few, and certainly a few will profit and some real estate will increase value because of its location. But I do not want to pay taxes for something I will never use or profit from. I want to be able to afford to continue to live in Eudora and afford my necessities, not others' luxuries.
Are all the citizens of Eudora being included and notified of this issue? Are they even aware of what's being considered? There are sick people that have greater needs than a pool. Will someone on oxygen by asked to give up their needs for others' pleasure? If Gov. Sebelius raises taxes in Kansas as is being proposed, along with the taxes for this pool and maybe more for the schools if needed, then our tax burden is going to be quite severe. Please vote no.
Kennetta Slavin

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