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Regulations, logistics to determine compost pile feasibility

July 24, 2003

City leaders recently announced they were taking preliminary steps to get a compost pile up and working. It would replace the now-closed burn pile, off Main Street north of Fifth, they said during the July 14 meeting.
City Superintendent Jim Boyer said he was getting information from the state about what was required of compost piles. He said there were lots of regulations regarding items such as fencing and grading.
"A lot of things we don't have here right now," Boyer said.
He said the city was also in the process of getting its on-call engineer, BG Consultants, to survey the site in north Eudora to see how much acreage was available and how the site would comply with state regulations.
Council member Rex Burkhardt said if it looked like the existing site would be cost-prohibitive, the city should look elsewhere. However, Boyer said the north side of town was usually considered best for burn piles and compost piles, which can produce an odor, because the wind usually came out of the south.
"There's going to be a lot of work the city needs to do to begin," Boyer said.
City Administrator Mike Yanez said the city had a sign on order to post the hours and use of the site, and he said the city was actively recruiting a half-time employee to guard the brush pile and govern its usage. Council member Don Durkin suggested the city look to a parks and recreation employee.
The Council also agreed to compensate Weldon Enterprises, which supplies the city with trash service, for the increased costs incurred since residents haven't been able to burn their brush at the city pile. Lloyd Weldon said increased grass and brush among residents' trash was making his costs skyrocket.
Later during the meeting, Council member Tom Pyle spoke on behalf of an absent Ward Johnston. Pyle said Johnston suggested the city use him and his portable saw mill to take care of large limbs at the compost pile, assuming the city had a chopper for smaller brush limbs.

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