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June 12, 2003

Relay on track
This letter is dedicated to the American Cancer Society Eudora Relay for Life committee members, corporate sponsors, team captains, participants and all who were involved in the relay in any way.
As I prepare to say "thank you" once again for a stupendous, miraculously successful relay, I am at a loss for words. The totals we accomplished this year show the dedication and commitment we in Eudora have to eradicating this dreadful, killer disease.
Speaking for those of us who have lost loved ones and those who have battled and so far won, we relish the successes that research has given us, as well as our community's efforts to make our relay such a successful fun-filled event -- that in addition raises such a large amount of monies per capita. Congratulations to all.
I do truly believe we are on a track that will make treatments much more tolerable and that will give us a better chance at a longer and higher quality of life as well as a longer survival rate.
Our speaker, Rita Conner, a miracle in her own right, shared her gratitude for life and her blessings by being a strong supporter of the relay and giving hope to survivors now and to all who come later.
As I prepare to hand the job of chairman on to another, I ask your prayers and dedication to see that this relay continues. It is too great to let it pass. It has become an annual community event and needs to continue for all of you. I have enjoyed the past four years as chairman and could not have accomplished any of this without my co-chair for four years, Marilyn Laws Porter and the last two years, my daughter, Robyne Pippert, to keep me going. Thank you for all your time and effort. I am not going too far. I will still be at meetings. I will have a team and will continue to be a part of this relay. Brooke would never allow me to give up. She never did and lived life to the fullest to the best of her ability and expected each of us to do the same.
There is no way for me to express my gratitude toward this committee or this community. Just know that God has blessed me abundantly be placing me here to enable me to know all of you.
Most deeply and sincerely yours for the "Cure,"
Judi O'Grady
Eudora Relay for Life chairwoman

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