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Community’s respect for traditional value built new high school

November 13, 2003

There has been much talk the last 10 to 15 years of traditional values. The phrase is generally used in support of marriage, family and religion.
For 143 years, Eudora residents demonstrated their support of another traditional value -- that of public education. At its core, public education is a profoundly democratic concept. It recognizes all in the community should support giving its children an equal opportunity to fulfill their potential. It is a value Eudora residents have invested in again and again.
From its earliest days, the community has understood public education was essential in building the town by attracting new residents and businesses and preparing its youngsters for adult life. It provided a vital center to the community's sense of identity. It embodied the American optimism that our children would have more secure and comfortable lives than our own.
Nearly a century-and-a-half later, public education in Eudora continues to serve those roles. The community will celebrate its latest investment in that history next Thursday with the formal dedication of the new $16 million high school. Like the openings of past buildings in Eudora, the newest building has consequences beyond its doorways. Most obviously, the new high school created opportunities in all district schools. But greater consequences could well stem from those who recognize in the school the message that the community looks to the future with optimism.
We urge Eudorans to take the district up on its invitation and see what the investment made from a shared value has built.

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