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Recognition night, shorter graduation

November 13, 2003

In an attempt to make graduations shorter, the Eudora 491 Board of Education approved the scheduling of a senior honors night for next May.
Eudora High School Activities Director Dave Durkin pitched the idea Monday to a receptive Board.
"Graduation seems to get a little bit longer every year," he said. "The big thing is the local scholarships. Last year when we awarded those, it took 30 or 40 minutes at graduation.
"We would still have those in the program. We would just give them out on this night."
Durkin said attendance at the senior honors night would be optional to students but that he hoped all would attend. He suggested the date of Sunday, May 16, 2004, for the event.
In addition to scholarships, awards handed to students would be those customarily presented during a spring all-school assembly that few parents had the opportunity to attend, Durkin said. Among those were honor roll recognitions for this school year and the last quarter of 2003-2004, perfect attendance certificates, and special classroom awards.
At the suggestion of Superintendent Marty Kobza, Durkin asked the Board to consider making a monetary contribution to the event.
"For those people who RSVP, we would have a dinner from our culinary arts class," Durkin said.
That led to Board concerns about the district's cost associated with a large turnout. Durkin said attendance was a concern even before the possibility of a meal was introduced. The problem, he said, was space limitations capping attendance near 500.
Unlike graduation, which can have student-guest lists that can be as large as 20 or more for some graduates, Durkin envisioned limiting guests to parents, grandparents and siblings, or about six or seven guests. That would be a problem with students from large families, he admitted.
The Board approved scheduling the senior honors night but directed staff to develop details before agreeing to make a contribution for the meal. Those details are to be presented to the Board in January.

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