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Winchester interchange in K-10 study

September 25, 2003

Eudora might have a chance at a Kansas Highway 10 interchange at Winchester Road, thanks to a new study of the K-10 corridor. At a kickoff meeting earlier this month, area leaders got a look at potential future interchanges, including one at west Eudora's main road.
"We have a foot in the door," said City Administrator Mike Yanez.
In addition to potential interchange additions, the study, conducted by independent engineering firms, is also set to examine the amount of traffic on K-10, as well as alternative means of transportation, such as pedestrians, bicycles and public transportation.
At the meeting, widening K-10 to six or eight lanes was also on the table, Yanez said. Although it was not clear whether any future lanes would look to be built to the outside or inside of the existing roadway.
Yanez said an average of more than 25,000 cars passed by Eudora each day on the highway. A 1998 study projected 60,000 cars using the highway by the end of this decade.
Results of a K-10 corridor study in March, given in terms of average daily traffic volumes, show how many people traveled both east and west of the two Eudora interchanges, at Church Street and Douglas County 442.
Counts taken between the two interchanges were about 1,000 cars fewer than counts taken west of Church Street or east of 442, seeming to imply more traffic traveling away from Eudora during that time, or rather that motorists choose which interchange to use based on whether they were going east or west.
Part of the project will mean cooperation between Eudora leaders and those conducting the study. According to Yanez, planners have been encouraged to conduct meetings jointly with local governing bodies.

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