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Stating the facts

April 8, 2004

Stating the facts
I am a fifth-grade student in California. My class is studying the United States. We will be writing a state report, and I have chosen your state to research.
I am writing in hopes that you will publish my letter for citizens in your area to read. I am interested in learning about the following information:
What can you tell me about the history of Kansas? Who are some famous people from your state? What is the geography like in Kansas? Where are some tourist attractions to visit in Kansas? Do you have a recipe symbolic of Kansas? If so, please send a copy of the recipe.
I would appreciate any other information you think might help me with my research. Thank you for your help. Please send me information, pictures, recipes and/or memorabilia to the following address: Kinsey Douglass, c/o O'Neill Elementary, 24701 San Doval Ln., Mission Viejo, CA 92691
Kinsey Douglass
Mission Viejo, Calif.

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