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Grass is greener at new job

Eudorans offer lawn care service

April 22, 2004

After working in a food distribution warehouse for nine months, Vince Weeks realized it just wasn't his thing.
That's when he borrowed from a past career and a hobby to start up Bluejacket K-Lawn with his wife, Linda.
To operate the lawn fertilizing service, Weeks borrowed from his experiences with fertilizer and chemicals at Farmland, where he worked for nearly 30 years, and his experiences with lawn care from taking care of his mother's yard.
The couple's son Matt had spoken with a sales representative at Kugler Oil Company, based in Nebraska, and learned about the company's lawn fertilizing subsidiary, K-Lawn.
"Matt gave us that information, and we decided to go ahead and do it," Weeks said.
After training from the company, Vince and Linda started Bluejacket K-Lawn at the beginning of year, making it the first in the area part of a company whose K-Lawn businesses are mainly located in Nebraska and central and western Kansas.
"Even though we're new to it, Kugler has been in lawnlawn care for a long time," Weeks said.
The K-Lawn service calls for four applications a year, although the absence of contracts means homeowners can choose as many or as few treatments as they like.
"Our program's designed to work with what they've already done," he said.
The company uses a balanced fertilizer with nitrogen, phosphorous and pot ash, as well as sulphur and iron, which Weeks said weren't found in a lot of fertilizers.
Although Bluejacket K-Lawn covers Eudora, Lawrence, De Soto and other parts of Johnson County, the business is stationed out of the couple's home, where the business gets its name: The Weeks' property is the site of one of the Oregon Trail's Bluejacket Crossings.
The couple attended the recent local lawn and garden show and are trying to build a clientele, although the company has already begun servicing area lawns.
"We're really pleased with the results," he said.
The company can be reached at 542-2398 or 979-4529 and will treat lawns during normal business hours.
Vince and Linda, whom many Eudorans may recognize from behind the desk at the Eudora Public Library, are working on the endeavor full-time.
"This is really enjoyable," he said.

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