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Pioneering new programs

EHS’s New Frontiers to expand offerings

April 22, 2004

Eudora High School students getting extra help through the New Frontiers program will soon be offered a few more ways to adjust to life as a high school student. As the computer program through which New Frontiers students work expires in June, students will be able to use a computer program at the Eudora Community Learning Center that Principal Dale said would be even better.
That frees up Erik Peltzman to offer new classes, like a freshman orientation class.
"A lot of our drop-outs have those problems their first year, and this program can address that," Peltzman told the Eudora USD 491 Board of Education.
The idea would be to connect freshmen with mentors and to teach them skills like time management and organization in classes of about 10 students. The class, which would be based on a program implemented at Fort Scott, would also work on students' self esteem and social skills.
Principal Dale Sample said reading and writing would still be a strong part of the program.
"They (sometimes) don't have the patience to understand what you're trying to teach them," Sample said. "This class will address that. It's time those kids need and have not had in the past."
Other parts of the New Frontiers program Peltzman told the Board about included a focused study hall, where students could work on unsatisfactory areas of their state assessments tests. As part of the class, students would take sample exams.
Peltzman also discussed a basic social studies class that would focus on Kansas history, a subject in which students hadn't performed well on assessment tests.
He said the New Frontiers after-school program would continue as usual. In the future, classes in the program would be centered around whatever needs students had at that time, Peltzman said.

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