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Days Gone By

August 26, 2004

7 years ago
August 1997
Annie Dunavin, with the support of her husband, Terry, and their five children, launched her singing career shortly after winning Wild Bill's Opry Talent Contest in Allerton, Iowa, earlier in the year. She had also performed at the Municipal Auditorium in Ottawa, Red Barn Opry in Omaha, Neb., Glen's Opry in Tonganoxie, and various charity events in and near her hometown of Princeton, Mo.
¢ Darrin Bretthauer, 18, Eudora, earned his Eagle Scout award, the highest advancement award the Boy Scouts of America offered.
Bretthauer's service project involved construction of four picnic tables for the Eudora High School commons area patio.
¢ Darlene Randel left to spent eight days at the Old Time Country Music Festival in Avoka, Iowa. She was the emcee for the Kansas Sod Busters show.
¢ Eight Scouts and three Scouters of Troop No. 64 earned a 50-mile bike ride award for their trip on the Prairie Spirit Trail, a rails-to-trails pathway. The trek started at Richmond.
From there the group biked to Garnett, Welda and back to Lake Garnett. After biking around the lake, they camped there for the night. A bike ride back to Richmond the next day completed the trek.
Bikers making the trip were Jared Pringle, Aaron Westerhouse, Grant High, Bart Carroll, Harold Bos, Chance Rowland, Zac Beedle and Steve Rehmer. The Scouters were Vaughn High, Ray Carroll and Ron Conner.

15 years ago
August 1989
Six area school districts, including Eudora, were linked to the Instructional Technology Center at Kansas University by a computerized communications network. The new computer system was installed at Nottingham Elementary School.
¢ Brian Coover enlisted in the Air Force's delayed enlistment program. He graduated from Eudora High School in May 1989 and was scheduled for enlistment in the regular Air Force in May 1990.
¢ Laura Vermillion, Angie Drummond and Becky Davidson attended the Super Summer Church Camp at Rock Springs Ranch in Junction City. The 13-year-old girls represented the Eudora Baptist Church.
¢ Lois Neis and Becky Ott worked with the Audio-Reader, a radio service for the print-handicapped at Kansas University, to bring newspapers, magazines and books to thousands of Kansans who had difficulty reading standard printed material. Janet Campbell was Operations Manager and also did some broadcasting.

30 years ago
August 1974
The Eudora City Council approved a supplemental budget concerning federal general revenue sharing money not included in the regular budget for 1975, which was approved in July. The budget did not change or affect any of the proposed tax levies but budgeted an additional $6,866, bringing the total 1975 city budget to $717,982.
More than a dozen community members attended the Council meeting to discuss a curfew law. After considerable discussion including information on curfews in area cities, the Council voted to set a curfew for those younger than 18 at 12:30 a.m. Friday and Saturday nights and at 11 p.m. Monday through Thursday.
¢ More than 400 people shared in the "thrills and spills" provided by Ralph Godfrey's donkeys and the local participants in a donkey fund-raiser ballgame for the Lions Club.
Team participants for the town were Jim Guy, Ed Stanley, Joe Hanna, Ted Buckley, Jim Trumble, Ken Bries, Jim Burton, Carrol Schopper, Ken Lawson, John Schopper, Ben Tibbits, Tim Shepard and Richard Folks. Scores were made by Trumble, Tibbits, Brown and Folks.
The Lions teammates included Clobert Noble, Norman Musick, Tom Jerome, Merlin Eisenbarger, Jim Hoover, Bob Neis, Bob Slapar, Darrell Abel, Lynne O'Harah, Pete Lawson, Lowell Henderson and Don Laws. The team points were made by Musick, Eisenbarger, Abel and Henderson.
¢ The City of Eudora received $5,078.30 from a special city and county highway fund. The money was budgeted into a special street fund for expenditure in 1975. A total of $5,030,710 was distributed across the state.
¢ Farm fresh whole fryers were 39 cents a pound at Howard's Super Saver. Wesson oil was $2.49 for a 48-ounce bottle. Pledge was $1.09 for a 14-ounce can. Bondware paper plates were 69 cents for a 100-count package.
70 years ago
August 1934
Members and friends of the Hesper Friends Church had a picnic in Williamson's grove after church services. It was also a farewell party for the Rev. and Mrs. Eli Wheeler and their daughter, Elletta Ann.
¢ The large feed barn on the Zephyr ranch caught fire and totally burned. The contents comprised 1,000 bushels corn, 65 tons bailed straw, 50 tons bailed alfalfa and several stacks of oats.
¢ Mrs. Chris Meuffel suffered a painful accident while washing curtains. A needle was run in her left hand in the fleshy part below the thumb and was broken off.
At first, it was thought to be doing nicely, but it began to cause considerable pain, and she was taken to Lawrence in the afternoon where it was necessary to operate on her hand. She returned to her home the latter part of the week and was getting along fine.

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