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Council’s decision reasonable response to city’s growth

July 8, 2004

Having suggested a month earlier that the Eudora City Council consider asking new development to contribute more to the expanding sewer-system capacity, we applaud its decision June 28 to increase hookup fees to new development. The decision came as the city explored ways to pay for the needed sewer improvements and basic operational costs and maintenance.
The decision was a departure for Eudora and might well signal a new era in its history. Eudora has embraced development, which to date has meant primarily residential development, with few of the growth pains of its neighbors. The water and sewer infrastructure have been there to support an impressive expansion of roof tops, and growth has occurred with little disruption of community cohesion.
There is every reason to hope those two trends will continue with last week's decision. The solution would provide for the sewer expansion needed to serve new homes and, hopefully, businesses.
Developers can be expected to grouse about the additional cost they must pass on to homeowners. But the basic fairness of development paying for expanded capacity will likely head off a community sentiment to slow growth had the expense been handed back to longtime residents.
At the same time, residents should realize sewer rate increases are as inevitable as price increases on items in the grocery store or at the gas pump, especially as state and federal regulators ask for better performance from sewer plants.

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