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Praise for ENC

July 22, 2004

Our gospel music group, The Living Waters, for many years now has ministered to residents in nursing homes in the Kansas City area. The residents are always very grateful, participate with us in our programs, and are becoming precious friends to us.
However, the nursing home facilities themselves generally have been somewhat less-than-pleasing because of the odor and a general lack of cleanliness. As a result, we were very reluctant to place my mother, Olive Mae Camren, in a nursing home facility, even though she needed medical care that we could not provide at home.
That's when my mother's doctor, Kenneth Holladay of Eudora, recommended the Eudora Nursing Center to us. From our first visit several months ago until my mother's death July 10, 2004, we were pleasantly impressed with this facility. There was no offensive odor, and the place was always kept very clean. The staff was kind and caring to my mother and treated us with dignity and respect when we came to visit. Never did we hear an unkind word mentioned. Instead, there were smiles and uplifting words of kindness to the residents and visitors.
But we were most impressed when my mother suffered some mini stroke activity and her 96-year-old body began to fail rapidly. It would be two days before the end came, and during this time it became apparent that the staff had grown to love my mother also. They cried with us and cared for us as well as most graciously caring for my mother in her failing condition.
They fed us meals, gave us coffee, offered blankets, beds and even a room for privacy as we mourned and waited for the inevitable to come. They made this most difficult time of our lives much, much easier to bear. For this we will always be grateful.
The staff at Eudora Nursing Center will also hold a special place in our hearts.
Joe Camren
Bonner Springs
and the rest of the Olive Camren family

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