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Voting simple way to make government more responsive

July 29, 2004

Although we like to think those who stop by this space are among the more civic minded and of the minority who vote in primaries, we will again harass, cajole and harangue our readers to vote Tuesday.
If history holds, actual turnout will struggle to exceed 25 percent. With some of Tuesday's winners guaranteed a free ride in November, little more than 10 percent of the electorate could decide the outcome.
That is not how things are supposed to work in a democracy. Those elected by such flimsy mandates -- or more correctly lack of mandate -- are much more likely to serve only their narrow base, knowing it is safe to ignore most of the public who ignores them.
Eudora voters will have a hand in critical issues when casting their ballots. Their voice will be heard on issues as diverse as national security to the ongoing state debate on the budget and the place of taxes and education in that discussion. Our collective wisdom will decide those issues.
Two years ago the local Kansas Republican House race was decided by 63 votes. Given the fractured nature of the Republican Party, there is little reason to believe this year will be different in contests for the Congressional seat, state Senate and House positions. Democrats, too, have decisions to make.
Voting takes perhaps 10 minutes. Bad decisions by bad elected officials can take years to correct.

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