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Sewer improvements project has city looking at adjusting rates

June 3, 2004

To raise additional revenue needed to cover the costs of sewer upgrades throughout Eudora, the city is looking at how it might adjust water/sewer rates.
The Eudora City Council directed the city attorney at the May 25 meeting to begin working on a draft of adjusted rates that would help the city meet the costs of the project.
To defray costs of the upgrades, the city is also applying for a state revolving loan, the application for which requires a rate study. Such a study indicated Eudora was due for change.
The study suggested increasing the monthly base charge of $12 and $2 per each additional thousand gallons, set in 1999, to $17.18 a month per thousand gallons with $2.86 for each additional thousand gallons.
According to the study, a customer using 5,000 gallons in a month would spend $28.62 in Eudora. The same usage would cost a customer $29.25 in Gardner and $16.10 in De Soto.
The proposed 43 to 45 percent fee increase would cover current operations, capital and debt service associated with the sewer, as well as the loan payments for the middle interceptor sewer and additional money needed for the east sewer interceptor upgrade.
"The homeowner isn't going to see that," said Council member Scott Hopson. "He's going to see the big number on his bill."

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