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Eudora meets its perfect match in Dr. Holladay

June 24, 2004

Forty-three years.
Few jobs allow someone to retire with greater satisfaction than that of a community physician. That is best illustrated with the wall of pictures of babies Kenneth Holladay delivered into this world that was part of his retirement party decor. Watching as the children he delivered grew from toddlers to adulthood, not in the abstract way of a large clinic physician but in the intimacy of a community small enough to know them other than as walk-through patients, must have been very satisfying.
But in the circle of life, intimacy has a downside that Holladay also experienced. It must be particularly painful for someone in his profession to witness the pain, suffering and, ultimately, death of longtime patients and their families. Those experiences would drive all but the best from the profession at the earliest viable retirement date.
In remarks Holladay made at various times about his retirement, he gave clues to his longevity.
Holladay admits he knew how to take care of himself by taking time away from the office that few are afforded in these busy times. His record indicates Holladay was onto something the rest of us should consider emulating.
The doctor also is candid about his strong faith and a philosophy that God's will is behind life's seemingly haphazard or coincidental happenings. It was a view that surely provided some comfort when coping with the sad side of the business.
But there can also be no doubt that Holladay's practice endured because he was such a good fit for this community. It is easy to assume Dr. Holladay's long tenure in Eudora will not be challenged in the future. But, as the doctor points out, there were no serious challengers among his predecessors either. It was a one-of-a-kind relationship.

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