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Let them play ball

March 4, 2004

What is summer without baseball? Unfortunately some of our 12-year-old boys will have to find out this summer.
The problem lies in the hands of two former coaches who decided to have a private team in a league outside of Eudora. They hand-picked 12-year-olds whom they deemed privileged enough to play.
The boys left behind just want to play. These boys are the ones who sit on the bench most of the game but yet make that game-winning score. They are the ones who are used as a last resort, and then shine better than ever. These boys are the ones who pitch the perfect inning and are never given the chance again.
You know the type of boys I am talking about: the ones who just want to play for fun and don't care about the mistakes, or wins versus losses. They are the boys who understand what "team" means.
Unfortunately in the years past, these boys have been pushed out of the way by coaches and perceived better players. I know there are a few boys who in the years past got tired of sitting on the bench and watching the perceived better players make mistakes and never sit out an inning. I know they were tired of getting yelled at by coaches, when the coaches' son would make the same error.
This year will be different. With these coaches and players out of the way, we can have a fun team; a team that just wants to play good old-fashioned baseball with friends. A team where everyone gets to play equally and try to play positions they have always wanted to play. And a team that builds confidence instead of tearing it down.
We only need three to four more boys to have a team. If there is anyone that just wants to play a good game of baseball, please help keep this team alive.
Amy McClelland

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