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Insuring solutions

May 20, 2004

After reading about the health insurance concerns expressed by Sandy Praeger in the May 12 issue of the Lawrence Journal-World I felt compelled to write. While Praeger is proposing initiatives to help ensure lower-income workers, the unfortunate reality is that many employers simply don't have the minimum number of employees required to qualify for groups as required by the major health insurance companies. Added to that is the valid concern about high insurance premiums, making it even more difficult for the small employer to expand or offer health benefits.
As a health and life insurance agent, I work primarily with small businesses, and I see these issues every day. The unfortunate reality is that there are many Kansas families who simply are not aware of affordable health insurance options. One strategy we have been using is to purchase a high-deductible medical plan, augmented by supplemental policies. We have found that this offers some security to families unable to meet the ridiculously high COBRA expenses of comprehensive health insurance during times of transition or following layoffs.
While the health insurance dilemma continues to affect the lives and livelihood of more than 200,000 Kansans, my hope is that by providing an ethical and flexible set of alternatives, we can bless the lives of individuals and families in Douglas County.
Julie Thornton

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