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Another year gone by

Class of 2004 bids EHS farewell

May 27, 2004

The Eudora High School graduation ceremony didn't just mark the accomplishments of the 76 students sitting at the front of the gymnasium Sunday afternoon. Rather it also marked the efforts of the parents and other support systems that had helped the students through school.
"This ceremony marks an achievement for you and your family as well," said keynote speaker Congressman Dennis Moore. "You earned it, and this is a milestone you will remember the rest of your life."
Both student speakers, co-valedictorians Brianne DeArmond and Jared Pringle, also mentioned the importance support systems like family, friends and teachers played in students' completion of high school. Pringle acknowledged the amount of time teachers and students alike spent at school. At times it seemed like both were only at home to sleep.
"Let's not forget about the school or the teachers or our families," Pringle said. "Our school has become our second home."
DeArmond said upon entering Eudora High School as a freshman she looked on upperclassman as intimidating.
"But now we're one of the upperclassmen," she said. "It's been a tough year, but we all finished what we set out to do."
Pringle said the seniors' final year had been one of class unity."We all accepted each other," he said. "We didn't care what people thought."
Moore emphasized the role public education played in American life and how students' learned civic values from their teachers. He encouraged the students to take an active role in civic life, confronting extremism and partisanship in their communities.
"Just don't complain about politics," Moore said. "If there's something you want to change, get involved and make it happen."
Before Moore and the co-valedictorians spoke, the graduates and audience viewed the traditional slide presentation of graduates' baby pictures. After the speeches, the ceremony continued with another tradition, performances by Eudora High School choir students, who performed songs made popular by the punk band Green Day and pop soloist Josh Groban.
When the students walked across the podium to receive their diplomas, each was given a white rose, the class flower. Afterward the graduates tossed their hats in the air and celebrated by spraying Silly String.
"We're on top of the world here," Pringle said in his speech. "And let's stay here."

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