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Auf Wiedersehen

May 27, 2004

Ten months ago I started an adventure -- an exchange year in Eudora, Kansas. I wanted to get to know a new culture, learn better English, and to become more acquainted with the whole country.
The difficulties seem to be unbearable from home -- no family, no friends, an unpracticed language, and so on. But everything that seemed to be difficult worked out very well when I was so warmly welcomed by my host mom from the first second she gave me her trust and love. Surely my host brother was very helpful to teach me the American humor.
One of the first lessons I had was about the rules of football. Even though I am not a very "big" sports fan, I had so much fun watching the games here in Eudora. And I started cheering for our team, although I still had some problems with the rules.
There are so many things I experienced I cannot even list them now, because it would be too long and probably too boring. However, I made the experience of my life.
I got to know so many wonderful people, and I made friends for my lifetime. Everybody was so helpful and nice to me from the beginning.
I just want to say thank you to the community, my church (First Southern Baptist), my school, and a special thanks to my international coordinators, Bill and Patty Vigneron, and big kisses and the greatest thanks to my host mom, Bettie Vermillion, and family.
Pauline Missling
Eudora High School exchange student
Neustrelitz, Germany

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