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Learning center, first class justify district’s vision

May 27, 2004

Nine people from the Eudora Community Learning Center earned high school diplomas, and a handful of the students received them at Saturday's ceremony. The graduates received a high school diploma in a cap-and-gown ceremony that included the playing of "Pomp and Circumstance" and speeches. It was a rite of passage the graduates probably assumed they would never experience when, for whatever reason, they left high school.
Other alternatives, principally a GED, were available to the students. With a high school diploma now in hand, the graduates won't have that hesitation when filling out job applications, wondering how a GED will be received by a would-be employer. A diploma denotes the graduates completed a well-rounded course of study approved by the district and the state.
The School Board and Superintendent Marty Kobza correctly saw a market for the learning center. Its creation was the subject of a good deal of discussion and planning. District officials wanted safeguards to prevent the learning center from being an alternative to traditional high school for disaffected students. At the same time, they assured it wouldn't become a means for troubled young adults to perhaps polish their image in the eyes of the courts but not seriously pursue the learning center's opportunities.
The first graduating class offered justification for the district planners' vision. Its number exceeded predictions, as did enrollment as a whole. And it reached the niche -- motivated young adults who wanted a second chance to do something right for themselves.
The success of the learning center and its first graduating class are commendable. We wish more of the same for both.

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