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Kids ballots often mirror real thing

November 4, 2004

Kids Voting students in Kansas visited official polls Tuesday and cast ballots for the same candidates and issues as adult voters.
Youth voters made George W. Bush the victor over John F. Kerry. Bush received 62 percent of the Kansas kids' vote, while Kerry received 34 percent.
Kansas youth elected Sam Brownback for U.S. Senator over Lee Jones. Brownback received 60 percent of the vote while Jones garnered 25 percent.
In the 3rd District for the U.S. House of Representatives, Kansas kids elected Kris Kobach over Dennis Moore. Eudora is represented by the 3rd District.
"Over 230,000 in Kansas participated in 'learning by doing' Kids Voting activities in the classroom to prepare for Election Day," said Emily Bradbury, Kids Voting Kansas executive director. "Election Day becomes a true celebration as our youth have the opportunity to see for themselves how the process works and how they can make a difference by participating."
Kids voting Kansas is a non-profit, non-partisan, grassroots organization dedicated to educating Kansas students about the rights, responsibilities and process of participating in democracy. After receiving classroom instruction, students go to the polls alongside and adult and "vote" in their own election and booths staffed by community volunteers.
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