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Sitting pretty

Eudoran competing for Miss Kansas USA

November 24, 2004

Trisha Tyree spent the last week brushing up on her current events. But the quiz she's studying for she'll take on stage, likely wearing high heels.
The Eudora woman is competing Saturday and Sunday in the Miss Kansas USA Pageant in Overland Park. And part of that competition means being asked interview questions about politics, such as a woman's candidacy for the presidency.
"I'm not into politics," Tyree said.
So she's started brushing up on the news and making a checklist of things she'll need for the competition, from hair pins to hairspray. With the armloads of items she'll need, Tyree said she planned to enlist some help from her mother.
"I'm like, 'You're going to drop me off,'" she said.
Although some contestants might stress about having to put together their hair and make-up, Tyree has that in the bag: The 2003 Eudora High School graduate is also a graduate of Superior School of Hairstyling and now works at the Hair Shop Inc. in Olathe.
Yet Tyree said she planned to keep her hairstyle simple.
"I'll probably just throw it up," she said. "It's not too hard."
Part of prepping for the competition also required Tyree to pick her own outfits for the competition. Initially, Tyree said she planned to wear her prom dress for the formal portion of the pageant. But that all changed when she visited a boutique.
"I just fell in love with this one," she said.
Tyree also had to choose an interview outfit and a swimming suit, for a portion of the contest that understandably causes a little anxiety.
"I don't even like to be in a bathing suit at the lake," Tyree said with a laugh.
The dance numbers of the competition aren't as much of a source of worry for the former high school cheerleader. With that background, Tyree said she was more-or-less used to being in front of an audience.
"It's still a little nerve-wracking," she said.
Pageant seminars gave her a few pointers, too, like how to speak in public.
"Don't think when you're being interviewed," she said. "Just say what's on your mind. Just try to get it out faster."
And some beauty tips.
"Plummy browns look good on everybody," she said of eye shadows.
Tyree has already had a brief foray in pageants as a middle school student, when she entered the American Miss Co-ed Miss Pre-teen Pageant.
But pageants aren't cheap. Tyree said she had to raise $975 just to participate. Then there's the cost of clothing, except for the outfit for the opening number, in addition to jewelry and other accessories for the pageant .
"They're so expensive," she said. "I didn't know if I wanted to do this.
"I just thought it would be fun to meet people and make new friends."
The winner of this weekend's pageant is eligible for the Miss USA competition in April 2005.
"That would be really big -- overwhelming almost," she said.

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