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Museum reminds us of the Eudora of yesteryear

October 7, 2004

The aged photograph on the front page of last week's Eudora News depicts six men standing around an outdoor bowling alley, striking poses from formal to relaxed. The photo doesn't celebrate an heroic action or noteworthy accomplishment, but it is still fascinating in its recording of the ordinary that few would have thought existed.
The photo is among the items in the Eudora Area Historical Society museum in the Eudora Community Learning Center, which residents got an early peek at during Saturday's EudoraFest. The museum is the result of effort of the members of the Eudora Area Historical Society, a group dedicated to preserving the community's history through artifacts and in oral and written form.
It's common for students to complain they don't like history and wonder what they'll ever get from their studies. But most people find the history of their family or their community captivating. The new museum offers residents young and old, new and life-long, a chance to explore the roots of a community now undergoing rapid change. It is appropriate the collection is housed in a building that is itself a notable artifact in the city's history.
The heroic isn't absent from the room. A collection of military memorabilia attests to the service Eudora's sons and daughters gave to their country in our nation's wars.
But it is in the everyday objects in the museum that provide the needed reminder: History is made everyday by all of us and not just by great figures on dates we memorize in elementary school. It reminds us of the past lives and deeds of Eudorans who made the community we have today. The museum will be worth a visit and the support of the community.

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