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Every day a Monday at Eudora bar

Eudora couple purchases Gilded Cage and turns local bar into Cecil Monday’s

October 21, 2004

East Eudora's bar has more than just a new name.
"A lot of people who didn't use to come here come here now," said Roger Rose.
He and his wife, Terri, bought the Gilded Cage, 2229 N. 1400 Road, and since Sept. 23 it's been Cecil Monday's Bar and Grill.
"We're trying to reach out to other people," Terri Rose said.
That has meant offering a children's menu and making Monday kid's night in addition to other theme nights on the dinner menu.
The Roses said aside from cleaning and tinkering with the layout, they hadn't changed the bar too much. Working day jobs in addition to owning Cecil Monday's meant coming in Sundays to get things together, Terri said.
She said her background as a school cook came in handy in the couple's new venture. Whereas Terri focuses on the kitchen, she said Roger tends the bar.
"He knows the people at the bar," Terri said. "I know what goes good in the tummy."
Roger said Cecil Monday's menu focused on home-style cooking, from fried shrimp to coconut cream pies. The bar was busy, he said, during a recent lunch special of liver and onions.
The Roses said so far the lunch hour had kept them busiest, with groups of farmers, builders and cops dining there. But they're trying to draw out the night crowd, too, with happy hour, surf and turf, and ladies' night specials. Roger said Wednesday nights the bar featured a country and western band that drew senior citizens. Cecil Monday's is also planning a Halloween party Oct. 30, Roger said, including a costume contest.
Soon the couple would like to bring back a Saturday-morning breakfast, one of the bar's previous offerings that the Roses seemed to go over well with patrons.
Cecil Monday's may be the couple's first bar, but it isn't their first business venture. The Roses said ran a video rental store downtown for about five years. Terri said the shop did well until the grocery store moved from downtown to near Kansas Highway 10.
When former owner Larry Stewart bought the bar, Terri said her husband expressed an interest in buying it. However, it wasn't the right time, Terri said, as the couple had small children.
"This time around when it came up, we thought we could make a go of it," Terri said.
Besides, Roger said, with their children gone the bar kept them busy.
Cecil Monday's is open from 9 a.m. to midnight Mondays through Saturdays. The meaning behind bar's new name, Terri said, was always a good conversation-starter.
"Everybody asks that," she said.
When picking a name, Terri said the couple tried to think of something from Roger's childhood. He spent a lot of time in Kentucky, where his grandparents lived, Terri said. In that town, Terri said there was a local character named Cecil Monday. And the name seemed a good one for the bar, now under new ownership and expanding its offerings.
"We want to be known as more than just a bar," Terri said. "We want people to see us in a different light."

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