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Moyer’s deployment offers community educational lessons

September 9, 2004

Just two weeks ago, we expressed concern here that the Iraqi war was too removed from public consciousness and that more should be done to remember local Guardsmen and Reservists called to serve in the conflict.
As the example of Rod Moyer shows, the call to active duty of one high-profile community member can change that. With at least two other Eudorans called up at the same time and many already serving in Iraq, we're sure Moyer would agree his situation is not unique. What makes it different is his job as principal at Eudora West Elementary, where he touches the lives of so many in the community.
We have experienced few principals who were greater advocates for their schools than Moyer. It is hard to imagine such a presence will not leave a huge hole in the halls and classrooms of West Elementary.
The Army may be taking Moyer out of his beloved West, but they can't remove the educator from Moyer. He has already said he intends to stay in touch through the Internet. His deployment offers myriad opportunities to teach his students lessons in geography, history and values. Knowing Moyer, it is an opportunity he won't waste.
For the adults among us, Moyer's deployment is a renewed lesson that all wars demand sacrifice.

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