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Support Moyer, troops

September 9, 2004

As a Navy veteran, grandson of a World War II veteran, and currently a member of the American Legion, some people would say I am very patriotic. Well, maybe I am.
I feel bad whenever I hear of one of our men or women getting killed overseas. I have had lengthy conversations with the father of a young soldier from Wellsville who lost his life in Iraq serving his country.
The government did a great job of trying to hide what happened to this young man and how he was killed. We keep hearing President Bush say how good our military is doing over there and how soon they will be done and on their way home. Then we hear about how more Americans are getting killed from ambushes or car bombs.
Some of us have family members or friends from our little town who are serving there now.
This recently hit home with me as I heard the news of one gentleman, whom I consider to be a friend, has been called to serve in Iraq. This news kind of hit a nerve with me as it affects one of Mr. Bush's other policies, called "No Child Left Behind."
Although Rod Moyer has volunteered to serve our country and defend our freedom, he is also a valuable asset to our children as principal of Eudora West Elementary. I guess the government flipped a coin and Iraq was more important to them than our children.
Some people may get mad or upset with me for saying that, but that is my opinion. This is America, and I have the right to express my feelings. I also have the right to vote, and this is an election year, Mr. Bush.
Rod, if I don't get to tell you personally: Thank you, good luck, and come home safe.
Michael Rockhold Sr.

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