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Citizen-started volunteer initiatives especially noteworthy

September 16, 2004

Volunteerism should always be applauded. When individuals take it upon themselves to organize an effort unaided by a regional or national organization, it is especially noteworthy.
As such, three recent efforts in the community and those who organized them should be recognized.
Dismayed by their stay-at-home, non-active fellow Pinecrest residents, Charlene Wittenmyer and Janelle Shanks decided to offer craft classes for those older than 50. The goal is not only to introduce and engage the participants in a useful activity but to also give them a regular social outlet.
Tami Klinedinst has taken it upon herself to organize recognition of veterans from past wars and service men and women now serving in the Middle East. Should she get enough respondents, Klinedinst will have a float in the EudoraFest Parade. In addition, those turning in information and photos to Klinedinst would be included in an advertisement-supported feature in The Eudora News.
Finally, Heather Wrinkle and the Eudora United Methodist Church are once again offering childcare on days local schools release students early or excuse them for the day because of staff in-service. The program, introduced last year, relieves parents of the difficult task of finding a baby sitter or childcare on an irregular basis. The need for the service was indicated by the program nearly doubling in enrollment in its first year to 30 children.
All three efforts are the result of the work of residents wanting to serve, honor and enrich the community. We hope others join us in recognizing the important and selfless acts.

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