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Increasing enrollment a good thing

Students make district eligible for more funding

September 23, 2004

Enrollment in Eudora's schools is at a level where growth is still welcome.
"We're in good shape," said Superintendent Marty Kobza.
Eudora's official enrollment numbers collected Monday showed 23 more students attending the district this school year than Sept. 20 of last year. Kobza said such measured growth didn't necessitate drastic measures like changing programs or hiring more teachers.
Instead, it means the district is eligible for more money for those students, although Kobza said the district was still displeased with the level of funding coming from the state -- about $3,800 per full-time student or the equivalency thereof. In other words, it takes two half-day kindergarten students to earn the district the full-time student allotment.
This year, Kobza said the district was up the equivalency of 20 full-time students without counting adult students at the Eudora Community Learning Center earning high school diplomas.
"Those students are counted on a formula basis on more than one day since they attend in a non-traditional way," Kobza said.
Students attending half-day vocational education classes at the Eudora Community Learning Center building are counted with the enrollment taken at their home high school.
Kobza said the district expected to see the equivalency of another 20 full-time students from the ECLC's diploma completion program, meaning a total increase of 40 FTE.
Because the district approved a conservative budget with an estimated increase of 25 FTE, Kobza said the district might have to republish the budget to include the unanticipated funds from the added students.

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