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City looks next door for space

April 28, 2005

If everything goes as planned, the city of Eudora will soon have more office space without adding a single two-by-four to City Hall.

At Monday's City Council meeting, Mayor Tom Pyle said the owners of Blacktop Paving and Construction, located just east of City Hall on East Seventh Street, had outgrown its facility and were looking to sell the property.

Pyle said there had been no deals struck between the city and the business, but that the city was having the property appraised and applying for a loan with plans to purchase the building that would supply needed office space.

Pyle said if the property was purchased, the offices of the city administrator and the recreation director would be moved to the new building. The additional space could also be used for a full-time city attorney or city engineer if the city were to hire either in the future, Pyle said.

Because official action had not yet been taken on the potential purchase, Pyle said the price could not be disclosed.

"It's a wonderful building over there," Pyle said. "It's going to be a great addition to the city of Eudora."

Pyle said the purchase would allow the city offices to grow without having to build new, which he predicted would not happen for at least five to seven years.

Pyle said the owners of Blacktop Paving were in the process of finding a new place to expand.

Interim City Administrator Rich Caplan said the intent would be to give the business owners at least six months to move before the city moved in.

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