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School activities offer all a chance at enrichment

August 25, 2005

In what looks to become an annual event marking the start of the school year, the Eudora High School marching band will highlight Cardinal Dayz, an evening of entertainment from 3 to 9 p.m. at CPA Park.

The event will kick off a year full of performances by Eudora students. For the next nine months, students from kindergarten to seniors will bravely demonstrate their skills and talents to all-forgiving parents, fans and critical teachers and coaches.

For Eudorans, the school activities are an opportunity. Residents can take in a football game on a late-summer or fall evening featuring the perennially strong Cardinal team and be entertained at halftime by the marching band. They can stay inside to watch the volleyball team try to earn a second-straight trip to the state finals, or enjoy a crisp fall morning rooting on the cross country team with an impressive roster or girls ready to make a state title challenge. A fan can learn the intricacies of the sport of soccer, yelling for the home team against opponents new and old. If high school sports don't provide enough diversion, the middle school has a full slate of games.

In a few months, residents can attend a high school play and performances by the high school's vocal and instrumental students -- both of which are coming off their own years of noteworthy achievement at state festivals. The elementary and middle schools will also have programs.

Best of all, the entertainment is offered at a bargain, especially compared to admittance to a movie theater, ticket to a concert or cost of attending a college or professional sporting event.

We encourage all residents to support the local students by attending performances and games. It is a way all can be enriched by the community's considerable investment in education.

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