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Support the mayor

December 8, 2005

As a registered voter, taxpayer and resident of Eudora I am appalled at the behavior of some Eudora City Council members on the current decision of fire chief. I know very little about either candidate who applied. However what I do know is that I believe any decision set in force by our mayor and top officials of this great city of Eudora should be upheld and supported by the city council.

I know our great mayor is a longtime resident of Eudora and he will always try to do the best for our city. I do believe this. If the mayor, some of the top officials and some of the city council see the man from Colorado as our best options, then I believe it is in our best interests to follow them because obviously the about the situation.

I obviously don't understand how politics work, because if I were on the city council, and I had my mayor and top officials telling me this was best, I would be inclined to agree rather than throwing a tantrum, only because in this particular situation they know more than I do. I can't believe some of our council members can act this way.

I would like to hope our council members would all work past their issues to work for our great city and for the greater good.

As an observer of this great town, I can honestly say at least half of our city council has a complete lack of respect for the top officials in this city. To not respect the council is a bit brazen for city council members who require votes to be re-elected into office.

Obviously the top officials will pick the best man for the job. The decision would have been the best. I have to commend those who apologized to Mr. Shockley for the way he was treated, however there is one candidate that never received a public apology. It upsets me that we could even think to treat "outsiders" with such disregard.

I think a few council members owe the great people of Eudora an explanation as to why we are now looking for another fire chief when we had two perfect candidates.

One decided not to pursue it. That's his choice. We have another candidate waiting in the wings, who has great credentials. If there were going to be a perfect fire chief from Eudora, he would have already applied. He didn't. So we will start the search again. For what? Sometimes life doesn't work the way you want it. You go with your next step and move on. Everyone liked this Colorado man except three council members.

I'm thinking they just didn't give him a chance because he's from out of town. I would like to hope I'm wrong in saying that. Just keep in mind voters do remember situations like this and as I recall council members need votes to get re-elected.

Dawn Eddings


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