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Cub Scouts put design skills to work

February 3, 2005

Checked-flag dreams were contested Saturday as more than 30 young Cub Scouts from Eudora gathered at Nottingham Elementary School for the annual Pinewood Derby.

The small wooden cars came in all shapes and colors. Some were mostly square, while others featured detailed carvings.

Webelos Scout Nathan Bradley, who said he was there to win, was proud of his racing car.

"My car has a triangle front,. and it's a faded color from black to purple and red," he said. "That's mostly all about it."

Andrew Briery said what he was most excited about was racing and "just having fun." He had his own sharp-looking car to send down the racetrack.

"It goes from silver in the front to blue in the back," he said. "It's like a hammer head without the top fin."

The contestants received the pieces to build their wooden cars in December. Although they could design and paint them however they chose, there were very strict guidelines governing the size and weight of each car.

Besides awards for first through third place in the racing category, Cub Scouts were given awards in each den for best paint, best design, most humorous, most original and people's choice.

An "outlaw" group was also open to parents, siblings and others who were not Cub Scouts but wanted to enter a car in the competition.

Nathan Bradley came to win, and he did. His car was the fastest in the Webelos I category.

Other first-place winners were Trevor Neis, Tigers den; Ross Chumbley, Wolves den; Kelly Latshaw, Bears den; and Colin Forsberg, Webelos II den.

The Pinewood Derby is one of several big events put on by Scouts across the country each year. The boys go camping each summer and collect food door-to-door each year around Christmas time as well.

In Eudora the Scouts put on a fish fry each year, which is usually the group's biggest local fund-raiser of the year, said den leader Damon Bradley.

In 2005 the Boys Scouts of America are celebrating 75 years of Cub Scouting.

The Cub Scouts organization was founded by Boy Scouts of America in 1930 to provide a year-round program for first- through fifth-grade boys. According to the organization's Web site, some of the purposes of scouting are character development, spiritual growth and good citizenship.

Throughout 2005, Cub Scouts and others can earn specialized patches in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of Cub Scouting.

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