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Store’s closing disappointing

February 17, 2005

I, for one, am very disappointed to see the Hometown Dollar store go out of business.

Owner and Eudora resident Genny Rose spent many long hours and most of her savings account trying to give the community something it really needed.

She stocked the shelves with every item she possibly could from the Eudora school supply list when she opened this summer.

At Halloween, she joined with other businesses on Main Street to organize a great safe place young trick-or-treaters were able to attend. She provided a place where children were able to go and do their own shopping at Christmas time. (This last Christmas was the first time ever I actually did not know what my children had gotten me until I opened my presents on Christmas morning). My family appreciates your effort. Don't feel like you didn't do something right or feel as though you needed to do anything differently. You had a wonderful idea and did a great job putting it together.

The community showed very little support and unfortunately, let you down. Your efforts are appreciated in my household.

Sue Coleman,


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