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Relief efforts offer human response

January 6, 2005

We live on a planet with a surface of thin crusts continually shifted by a raging furnace far below. For the most part, we are unaware of the process and use terms of "solid earth" or "bedrock" to define things of steadfast dependability. But occasionally the indifferent furnace below makes its presence known through the shifting at the outer crust, often with horrible consequences to those who imagine they have conquered the surface.
At a cosmic level, we are powerless to intercede when the laws of physics act on the earth's crust. On a human level, we can do much in response. We, in the larger sense of the species, can work to put in warning systems that will save lives in the future. Our governments and relief organizations can join relief efforts to help the victims and check the outbreak of diseases that has the potential to take even more than the terrible tsunami.
On the individual level, we can respond to those life-saving efforts as well. It is heartwarming to see that here in Eudora Paul Thevarajoo, a former resident of the stricken area, and Joe Reitz, a concerned resident, are attempting to start a local relief effort. Their hope is to further humanize the effort by adopting a village or city in South or Southeast Asia that suffered from the tsunami. If that village can be found, it would give Eudora the opportunity to directly experience the worth of our actions.
It is a very imaginative and commendable enterprise, and our hope is they can follow through with the idea and that the community will support it.

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