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Camps whet appetite for season

July 28, 2005

The start of the football season moved just a little bit closer Monday as the Cardinals began their annual camp at Eudora High School.

And for the coach, it was a good sight to see his team line up in formation.

"It was great to see them come out and go through the plays," coach Gregg Webb said.

The camp, which runs through Friday, featured players from both offense and defense getting on the field to run through a number of plays. And unlike the seven-on-seven scrimmages, the camp allowed all members of each unit to line up on the field.

However, rain on Tuesday forced the players into the gym for the first half of the night's session.

"We lost a little time on the field because of the rain," Webb said. "But that wasn't all bad. We worked out in the gym, and it gave the guys a chance to relax after the first day."

When the team did manage to get on the field, the results pleased the coach.

"They did a good job out there," Webb said. "The first day is so hectic for them that I think it was good to see them out getting things down."

The players ran drills on the field south of the high school where the coaches barked out play names.

And although there wasn't an emphasis on contact, the coach sees the camp as a way to fine tune other areas.

"This camp week is really a mental thing," Webb said. "We like to use it to get them familiar with the things that we are trying to do."

The emphasis on preparing the players mentally also helps the coach plan ahead, as the first day of practice begins in a little more than three weeks.

"We want to get these guys prepared," Webb said. "It helps us so that we don't have to go back and learn these things when practice starts."

As the camp progresses, the coaching staff hopes to have a large part of the playbook already instilled into his players' minds.

"If you'd have to put a number to it, I'd say that we should have 70 percent of our offense going," Webb said. "And then probably about 50 percent of the defense."

The first day of practice for the Cardinals begins Aug. 15.

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