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County Fair to bring family fun

July 28, 2005

This year at the Douglas County Fair, don't be surprised if a goat suddenly doffs a top hat. It'd be perfectly natural to see a steer transform into a hamburger complete with sandwich boards, for a little while.

Along with the standard fun of the carnival and livestock shows, the fair has renewed an old favorite -- the creative fitting and showing contest.

"It's kind of a way for the parents to let their hair down after a weekend of stress," said Douglas County Fair Executive Secretary Margaret Kalb.

This year's fair will run from Saturday until Aug. 7 and will feature much more than costumed critters.

"Of course, our demolition derby we've had for more than 25 years is our big draw for Friday nights," Kalb said.

The derby will be just a slice of motor mayhem that will encompass everything from hot-rod tractors to antique tractor pulling contests. Tickets for the derby will be $10, and can be chased from the fair ground's office starting Wednesday.

Contests aside, the fair will put Eudora's young 4-H'ers in the spotlight.

By the time the fair officially opens on Saturday, the kids would have already had a chance to show off their stuff and represent Eudora.

From a pet show that took place Saturday to Tuesday night's fashion show -- and all events in between -- the fair is large part of 4-H'ers' lives.

"I think it's cool," said local member Brett Williams, 9.

Still, the youngsters have personal favorites among the busy week of fair festivities.

"We get to make rockets," Williams said of the rocket 4-H rocket competition.

The fair will also bring in live music from the band Evergreen Wednesday night, and a free showing of the movie "Racing Stripes," will be offered Thursday.

Then the classic contests will entertain. For instance, hay bale chucking at 6 p.m. Friday.

"That's always a lot of fun because we get some KU football players out here and some local boys competing to see who can throw a bail of hay the highest," Kalb said.

There will also be livestock shows this year and the annual carnival.

By the time the fair closes down, Eudora 4-Her Sean Moran, 12, will have shown both a 2.2-pound cat named Mogli and a 1,000-pound steer named Gus. But his favorite part of the fair has nothing to do with the livestock arena.

"The carnival," Moran said.

The fair will wind down Sunday with the 4-H awards ceremony and livestock auction

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