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Club not being replaced

June 2, 2005

"That which does not kill you will only make you stronger."

I don't know who said it, but it's the truth.

It was Thursday afternoon when I got the call telling me an article in the paper said there would be a club replacing Eudora Wrestling Club. At first I was shocked. Then I was livid. Then, after a while, I realized I should do what I was told to do and write a letter.

Eudora Wrestling Club will be entering its ninth season this fall. No one is replacing us. We exist. As a matter of fact, Eudora Wrestling Club is the only club chartered with USA Wrestling in Eudora to date.

If you have ever read an article about the club in The Eudora News, you would know that we produce some pretty darn good wrestlers.

I figured out what bothered me most about the article. It really isn't about whom the kids wrestle with or if a club is being replaced or not. It goes deeper than just having another club in town. If the kids want to wrestle, let them wrestle. It doesn't matter who they wrestle with. It's not about the wrestlers. It's about parents' egos.

I'm sorry to have to write this letter to publicly defend the club because others are not capable of being adult about things.

This is just an example of what my family had to deal with throughout the wrestling season because a spoiled few didn't get their way. The irrational rants about sweats, money, changing the club's colors, cardinal as a mascot, what they (the parents) were going to get out of it and other nonsense, but never anything to praise the wrestlers or to show support for the kids. All that endless bull tests one to their limits.

Wrestling is what Eudora Wrestling Club is about -- not sweats, treats, T-shirts or anything else trivial. It's just wrestling and keeping the kids and coaches happy. That is what the club has been about and that is what it will continue to be about. Deal with it.

My husband coached kids wrestling with Don Abel in the 1980s and assured Don (before he passed away) there would be a quality wrestling club in Eudora. So far, the club has produced.

Our club's accomplishments include successfully running our second kids tournament in January 2005; our 6-year-olds dominated at tournaments to the degree that other teams were taking notice, taking four wrestlers to state and taking home a state championship. Our very first state champ -- James Barr -- graduated from Eudora High School a few years back and Josh Barr went to state for Eudora High School. He wrestled for us, too.

The facts speak for themselves and they cannot be contested.

My goal is to get attention and ruffle feathers. The truth hurts and the other side of the story should be told. It's such a shame it has to happen this way. Maybe some people will even learn that there are better ways to be adult about situations and not take the route of bullying and bulldozing over others just because they don't get their way.

To the Junior Cardinals, I say lots of luck with the new club. We will look forward to seeing you on the mat. But just remember, you can't replace what you can't beat.

Lisa Rockhold

Eudora Wrestling Club parent

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