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More research needed?

June 2, 2005

A couple of weeks ago, the City Council decided to spend more time on researching a possible name for the Prairie Park in Eastern Eudora. This occurred after they had asked for input from the community.

Eighteen people cared enough to send in suggestions, and 14 of those suggestions held the same name. Yet, more research and study is needed on this issue?

The issue should not be the name chosen, but the waste of the City Council's most precious resource -- time. While some of our leaders insist on getting tangled in a mire of petty politics, Eudora is growing, with or without forethought and planning from our city leaders.

The mayor and the City Council should be spending their time in building the big picture of Eudora: improving roadways, establishing a full-time fire department, developing affordable and attractive housing developments, as well as drawing business and commerce into the city. These leaders should do this while managing the here and now quickly and efficiently.

Perhaps then, as Eudora grows and prospers, our city will not just be a good place to live, but a great place to live.

And who knows, perhaps more parks could be built and named.

Tod Demuth


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