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Cards to get summer tune up for football

June 16, 2005

It's early June and baseball seems to be the only thing going. But as the temperature rises, something else begins to become clear.

It's never too early to talk about football.

The 2005 football season will begin to take shape this weekend and on Monday as some Cardinal players begin to filter in to get things going.

This weekend will see some Cardinals travelling to Warrensburg, Mo., to attend the Central Missouri State football camp. For Eudora High School football coach Gregg Webb, it's just the thing to get things going.

"There is no guarantee that participating in the camps will result in wins," he said. "But there is no doubt that we are better for having done it."

The Warrensburg camp will feature three days of physical activity, as well as instructional time for the players. The three-day affair does not fall short on the amount of knowledge it makes available.

"It's almost impossible to explain how much knowledge and information that these kids take in," Webb said. "There seems to be a million defensive formations, and it's just a ton of knowledge."

The camp is one of many around the area offered to football players during the summer, but or the coach this one seemed to be the right fit.

"I had heard a lot of good things about this camp," Webb said. "But a lot of it was location. Warrensburg is only an hour-and-a-half away."

The Cardinal program plans to take at least 25 players with them to the camp and in the early summer that attendance says a lot about Eudora's program.

"It is a real testament to the commitment of these kids," Webb said. "They are working and involved in other activities so for them to give up a weekend in their summer to come work on their game is incredible. They have a great commitment."

That commitment to improvement was accentuated for the Cardinals as the head coach learned that another area school, Gardner, couldn't come up with the players to attend.

"Gardner has almost 1,000 kids," Webb said. "And they couldn't get enough kids together to go to this camp. That says a lot about our kids."

Following the Warrensburg camp, the Cardinals will move on to the annual seven-on-seven drills Monday.

The players will travel to St. Thomas Aquinas, a Kansas City-area high school, to continue the early summer tune-up.

The drills are a great way for the players to get together and become familiar with some of the offensive and defensive schemes that will be put into effect later in the year.

They are also a way for the coaches to get their players together without violating Kansas State High School Activities Association rules.

Schools are not allowed to have the entire team practice on the field at the same time until later in the summer.

The seven-on-seven drills focus on the passing game and feature seven defensive backs against five receivers, a quarterback and a center.

And while the passing game is great for the wide-outs, it is the defense that gets most of the benefit.

"The drills are really good for the defensive kids," Webb said. "They get a chance to see some of the coverages and schemes that we will be using."

The Central Missouri State football camp takes place this weekend at the university's campus, while the seven-on-seven drills will be on Monday nights for the next four weeks.

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