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Beatty’s hiring brings hope for progress

June 23, 2005

The Eudora City Council seems to have made a very good choice in the hiring of Cheryl Beatty as the city's next administrator. Beatty, the current city manager of Kingman, will start here in mid-July.
Her resume indicates Beatty has a history of getting things done, from helping build an airport to securing a municipal water source. A number of Kingman residents have commented on her can-do spirit.
Her hiring signals a recommitment to the position with a brief and stormy history in Eudora. The current city leadership quarreled frequently with Beatty's predecessor, Mike Yanez, who broke in the position for the city of Eudora as its first administrator when he was hired three years ago.
It can be hoped that the Council's participation in Beatty's hiring will bring with it an ownership and trust that engenders support. Certainly, we should expect the interview process weeded out any potential personality conflicts that plagued the past three years. It is also to be hoped that Beatty and the Council have an understanding of her duties and authority and, just as importantly, their limits, which was a source of conflict in recent years.
Eudora is a successful and growing city, but managing that growth requires near-constant improvements to public works, the ability to recognize future challenges and an eye for detail. Any success Beatty, city leadership and the city make in the coming years depends on a successful relationship between the city staff and elected officials.

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