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June 30, 2005

7 years ago
June 1998
The Eudora Board of Education voted to re-issue the high school bonds at a savings of $1.06 million to its taxpayers. When the bonds were sold in January 1993, the interest rate was 6.07 percent.
The re-issue would allow the district to shave five years off the original retirement of the bonds, which were issued for 20 years. The district's indebtedness was $5.2 million.
¢ Bill Harlow began his duties as Eudora's new city superintendent. He replaced Gary Malburg who held the position since 1990.
¢ Jesse Montgomery, Jared Pringle and Aaron Westerhouse, all of Eudora, completed Level 1 of the Future Astronaut Training Program at the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center in Hutchinson.
¢ Mark Neis brought the first load of wheat into Eudora Feed & Grain.
The average yield was between 40 and 50 bushels per acre.
The price of wheat was $2.85 per bushel, however the price fluctuated hourly and changed daily.

15 years ago
June 1990
George Hunsinger, Eudora, brought the first load of the year's wheat harvest to the Farmers Elevator. The moisture content tested at 13.8 percent. Hunsinger estimated the yield at 50 to 55 bushels per acre from the field, five miles south of town.
¢ The residents of Pinecrest enjoyed watermelon in the clubhouse. Pearl Clark furnished the treat.
¢ Lions Club officers were elected at the June meeting. Andy Anderson was elected president; Gary Klotz, first vice president; Robert Heschmeyer, second vice president; Dr. Richard Wittenauer, secretary-treasurer; Jay Grosdidier, tail twister; Homer Broers, lion tamer; Ron Conner and David Miller, membership committee; and Richard McNett, Bill Goff, Alf Oleson, Richard Campbell and Lowell Henderson, board of directors.
¢ Steve Born, a 1967 graduate of Eudora High School, lost his mobile home when a tornado hit the Wichita area in mid-June. Born was inside his home when the twister hit. He was taken to a Wichita hospital, where he was treated for numerous cuts on his back and legs.

29 years ago
June 1976
The Eudora Public Library Board employed Pauline Gilroy as the librarian. She replaced Linda Abel, who resigned to spend more time with her young family. Terri Long continued as assistant librarian.
¢ Ladies who worked in Eudora were asked to wear long dresses to work on Fridays in preparation for the bicentennial celebration in July.
¢ Mrs. Clifford Cox was appointed Cancer Drive Chairman of Eudora Rural Drive, and Mrs. Pete Edelbrock, captain of Eudora City. The cancer drive lasted one week.
¢ The addition of two part-time teachers was approved by the school board for the art and home economics departments at Eudora High school.
The two teachers were hired to work with the junior high, and would allow the high school teachers more hours in the high school departments.
¢ The Eudora High School sophomores won the First Annual StuCo Play Day. The underclassmen finished with a total of 36 points, followed by the seniors with 32 and the juniors with 18.
Ann Breithaupt won the girls 100-yard dash. Randy Jamison was the 100-yard dash winner in the boys division and the mixed division.
The sophomores won the sack race, the egg rolling contest and the tug-of-war. The seniors won the three-legged race.
The sophomores won the Play Day trophy and were challenged to a softball game by the faculty. The faculty defeated the sophomores after five innings of play, 9-7.

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