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Keep Eudora dry

June 30, 2005

As I read the Eudora News dated June 23, 2005, I was troubled and disappointed in what appeared to be an endorsement and active support for the opening of a liquor store in our community.

I am hopeful that The Eudora News has misquoted some of our citizens.

Do most of our citizens think this would be a positive thing? Some talked about the economic improvement it would bring, providing additional business and a positive impact to downtown. Others stated we are losing tax revenue because of the business going to Lawrence.

I have some thoughts that don't agree with this mental picture that was painted. I don't believe our community needs a liquor store. How much good can come from selling liquor in our community and how much good has come from other communities that have opened liquor stores on their main streets?

My main concern is for the young people in our community and the accessibility that potentially could be provided by young adults willing to buy for teenagers that otherwise may not have that availability. Adults have made the statement that, "if they are determined to drink they will find a way to get alcohol." I am also aware that some adults in our community have supplied it for our teens, and I am sure they will do so in the future.

I do not believe this type of parenting is appropriate. I believe that as an adult I have the responsibility to direct my efforts to making Eudora a family-friendly environment and to show my disapproval of increased accessibility to alcohol.

Let's be a community that is known for things that are wholesome and good for our adults as well as for our children. Please remember that children learn from our actions. We need to keep our community and downtown Eudora a safe and inviting place for our children and families.

Charlie Watts


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