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City spends $20K on development study

Developers request city’s direction for growth

March 10, 2005

Developers have asked the Eudora City Council to complete a study of the city's middle and east sewer interceptors south of Kansas Highway 10.

The Council approved funding up to $20,000 at its Feb. 28 meeting to study the future development of those interceptors, which would give developers an idea of how the area could be developed.

Eudora Mayor Ron Conner and Planning Commission Chairman Kurt von Achen met with area developers in January to discuss the future of Eudora. At that meeting, developers were asked to get together and brainstorm, and to present a proposal to the Council. The proposal would give the Council an idea of what developers had in mind for development and a direction for future growth.

At the January meeting, developers and city leaders seemed to agree that benefit districts would be necessary in financing expansions of roads and utilities to the so-far undeveloped areas south of K-10. A benefit district would direct the cost of the improvements to the future residents of those areas, rather than forcing the city to raise taxes of existing residents to make the improvements.

Developer Larry Midyett addressed the Council at its Feb. 28 meeting after he and other developers met to come up with a proposal for the Council. He said the developers could not make an official proposal until a study had been conducted and there was more certainty about the future of the sewer line.

"What they (the developers) have asked the city to do is to come up with a conceptual design that would show where sewer line connections would be made to access areas south of K-10, which are suggested for future residential development," said City Administrator Mike Yanez in an interview.

Yanez said the conceptual design would show the route of the east and middle interceptor lines and the sizing of the pipe, and would identify the locations of any lift stations. The study would also help determine an estimated cost of construction.

"This information would be the basis for discussion of benefit districts," Yanez said.

"You can't talk about cost sharing until you know where the line is going to go an how much it is going to cost ... The

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