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Administrator urges statesmanship

March 17, 2005

In his final City Council meeting as a city employee of Eudora, City Administrator Mike Yanez thanked the community and members of the governing body who had been supportive of him as the city's first administrator.

Yanez will work for the city until March 24, after which he will start a new job as city administrator for the city of Tonganoxie. He will have worked for the city for almost three years.

Yanez encouraged the governing body to meet problems and issues with a businesslike and professional approach and to treat the city employees with dignity.

"As hard as they work, they deserve to be met with respect," Yanez said.

Yanez joked that after his time with the city expired he would likely be blamed for everything that went wrong and given no credit for the city's successes over the next few years.

He acknowledged a fair amount of criticism as city administrator, but said he never lost his resolve to help make Eudora the best it could be. He advised members of the governing body to disagree with dignity and to be statesmanlike in their dealings with the public and city staff.

Yanez said he would always remember Eudora fondly and hoped for the best for the city.

"You are a good town," he said. "You are on the verge of becoming a great town."

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